Professional Servicing - Engine.

Qualified iRMT Rotax Technician
We can service your 2-stroke or 4-stroke engine on the bench or on your Aircraft. We carry out routine 10hr, 25hr, 50hr,
100hr, 200hr or 500hr engine and gearbox services, shock load tests,
All servicing work is completed along with a detailed Service Report of the work carrie
d out.

We only use Genuine Rotax spares.

Perished fuel line 503 on bench 912 Cylinder removal


Initial engine commissioning for kit builders

Airmasters can provide a complete service for comissioning your new aircraft engine.

Setting of Carburettors. Purging of Oil System. Check function of electrical system. Fuel Flow check.

Propeller pitch setting to achieve correct engine RPM.

Professional Servicing - Airframe.

CT undercarriage inspection C42 Engine mount Airborne XT Cross tube

Quantum Air Creation Tanarg Skyranger Instrument panel

Insurance Repairs.

Having a bad day?

no injuriesPropeller sDamaged nosegear

Airmasters are able to carry out the tasks to return your pride and joy to its original condition,
from initial communication with Insurance Loss Adjusters, through to repair completion,
Permit reinstatement & check flight.

BMAA / LAA Modification Applications.

All modifications, however insignificant, must go through an approval process with either the BMAA / LAA Technical office or with the appropriate type approval holder.

new avionics Ballistic Parachute Gps and Radio

Airmasters can provide an installation service for your new goodies,
including load testing and submitting the modification application to the relevent authority.

We can usually source, supply and install at very competitive rates,
please call with your requirements.

Instrument & Avionics Installation.
Landing Lights.
Oil Thermostats.
Ballistic Recovery Systems.
Aux power sockets.

Permit to Fly Inspection

The Definition of an inspection:

"an independant examination of the aircrafts parts and paperwork from which the inspector
will make a judgement to its airworthiness"


You are asking the BMAA / LAA  inspector to authorise your aircraft to fly.

He therefore has a legal obligation to ensure it is safe to do so (as far as is reasonable for an audit inspection), and should something go wrong, be able to stand up in court and demonstrate that he did his job.

He is an auditor, and as such audits the inspection/service documentation to ensure the work has been carried out satisfactorily, and the aircraft paperwork to ensure that a true record of the aircraft is being maintained according to BMAA / LAA requirements.


Airmasters hold authorisation to Inspect the following catagories:


British Microlight Aircraft Association

A: Flexwing aircraft. B: 3-Axis aircraft. E: 2-stroke engines. F: Four stroke engines.
H: All-metal Structures. I: Metal frame/fabric covering. J: Composite structures - Tertiary.
L: Composite structures - Primary & Secondary. M: Minor Modifications. W: Weight & CG.



Light Aircraft Association

AC1: Fixed Wing Aircraft - Simple Composite.
A-M: All Fixed Wing Aircraft - Metal.

Special Conditions: All Alpi Pioneer Aircraft. All Rotax & Jabiru Engines.



Aircraft Weighing

A weight report for a Microlight Aircraft is valid for 5 years, unless a modification significantly
alters the empty weight or changes the centre of gravity, requiring a reweigh.


Airmasters are also able to weigh your aircraft and provide you with a weight & CG report.
(upto a maximum weight of 200kg per wheel)




P&M Aviation Pioneer Aircraft

Agents for: