Magnum aircraft recovery systems are state of the art, latest technology design. The systems are engineered and tested by highly educated and trained professionals, and have been widely used and respected in Europe for over 16 years, sold under the Junkers-ProFly brand name.

Junkers Magnum Lightspeed Ballistic Recovery System

In 1990 Junkers of Germany and Mr. Josef Straka of Czech Republic formed a partnership in the development of a superior all plane recovery system. Czech ballistic experts offered the know how with their extensive history of military design for the Soviets during the Cold War.  The Junkers name provided the assurance to the German and European customers.  This partnership was and still remains a win win situation for both entities.  In 1996 the partnership reorganized when Junkers ownership changed hands and the parachutes continued to be sold under the name Junkers Profly of Germany.  Currently, Stratos 07 s.r.o. continues to manufacture and supply the Magnum Ballistic Parachute line.2010junkers

David Stubbs & Gary Masters.
David, Owner of the First 472.5kg Microlight in the UK. Fitted with a Junkers Ballistic recovery system.

Some more pictures of the System can be seen below;

Ikarus C42 Stainless steel bridle Inside a CTSW Hey Presto Skyranger InstallationSkyranger Installation Flexwing Parachute container